File Manager

Your managing tool for files in the local, microSD, LAN, or Cloud storage

Mobile, ASUSTek Computer Inc.

ASUS File Manager is an application that allows users to quickly and easily manage files stored on a hard drive, micro SD card or cloud server. Millions of people struggle to efficiently manage their files which often number in the hundreds or thousands. With ASUS File Manager, users can save hours of hassle by organizing files by their category, making the process of moving, naming, and deleting files far less of a difficulty.

Some key features of ASUS File Manager that set it apart from its competition include the ability to package files, saving space and memory on a computer, easy file browsing from multiple categories a file may fall under, as well as giving users the ability to store files on cloud servers.

All in all, anyone seeking to streamline the process of managing and accessing a multitude of files should consider using ASUS File Manager to save time and energy when it comes to organization and access to their files.